About Us

Ray Nesci Bonsai - Inside Our ShopEstablished in 1979 we started our Bonsai Nursery from scratch on a 5 acre property in Dural which is located about 40 minutes North West of Sydney.

We have been serving the Bonsai community and general public ever since with great enthusiasm and offering great quality plant material, pots and all the accessories for this fascinating art form at prices that represents great value to all our customers.

We have always endeavoured to seek new plants for Bonsai enthusiasts to cultivate into interesting Bonsai.

Whether they have been developed by us or other nurseryman. Since we have established the nursery we have developed and propagated for sale the following new cultivars of some already popular species of plants widely used for Bonsai.

These include:

  • Acer buergeranium ‘Sparky’
  • Acer buergeranium ‘Nescii’
  • Acer buergeranium ‘Nesci’s Gold’
  • Malus Nesci
  • Silver Edge Chinese Elm ‘Mini Gold’
  • Jelly Bean Olive
  • Improved cultivar of the Hokkaido Elm
  • Improved cultivar of the Kingsville Box.

Ray Nesci Bonsai  Nursery

26 Sagars Rd, Dural, NSW 2158