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Bonsai need to be placed in a position where they receive at least half day direct sunlight. A position of full sun for most varieties of plants will maintain them in even better health and vigour. Some cooler climate plants will however prefer some afternoon shade in the warmer months.

If you would like to display your Bonsai inside the house in a well lit room for a special occasion they ideally shouldn't be kept inside for more than a couple of days at any one time. They are definitely not indoor plants and any Bonsai kept indoors for any length of time will deteriorate quickly in health.

The position outside that you choose to keep your Bonsai should ideally be up off the ground and on a bench, table or display stand. This will prevent them from getting radiating heat from the concrete or pavers. They also will be less likely to be effected by some pests, disease or animals.

Also keep in mind Bonsai displayed up against a wall can prevent sunlight surrounding your Bonsai from all directions and cause one sided growth on your Bonsai. Also Bonsai if kept too close to a brick wall could get radiating heat from the wall in the warmer months and result in some of your foliage burning. If you have Bonsai displayed in this type of situation they should be kept at least a foot away from the wall and rotated every couple of weeks so all areas of the foliage gets an even amount of sunlight.

If you keep your Bonsai under shade cloth the shade cloth should not be greater than 40% shade otherwise it will be too shady to grow your Bonsai to their full potential. Bonsai will not grow at their full potential if placed under covered verandahs or pergolas where they only receive indirect sunlight or weak amounts of direct sunlight.

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