About Us

We established our Bonsai Nursery in 1979 on a 5-acre site in Dural, which is roughly 40 minutes north of Sydney. Since then, we've been serving the Bonsai community and the public with great passion, providing high-quality plant material, pots, and all the accessories for this fascinating art form at excellent rates to all our clients.

We've always tried to find new plants for Bonsai aficionados to grow into beautiful Bonsai. Whether they were created by us or by another nurseryman since opening the nursery, we've produced and cultivated the following new cultivars of existing popular Bonsai species for sale.

These include:
  • Acer buergerianum ‘Sparky’
  • Acer buergerianum ‘Nescii’
  • Acer buergerianum ‘Nesci’s Gold’
  • Malus Nesci
  • Silver Edge Chinese Elm ‘Mini Gold’
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Our Services

Free Advise on Bonsai

We provide free advice to those who have an interest in growing bonsai at the home, office, etc. Our skilled team.

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Mobile Bonsai Services

To own a bonsai and take proper care of it is no less than an art. We have a lot of customers who love their bonsai.

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Repotting Services

At least once every couple of years, all bonsai need repotting. Small or shallow-potted bonsai should be repotted.

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You should water your Bonsai every day during the summer, and on really hot days, you should water them twice.

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We can train a branch or the trunk of a tree to grow in the desired direction by wrapping Aluminium Wire around it.

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Pruning your bonsai is necessary to keep it in a compact shape. The more you prune, the more branches your Bonsai.

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Why Choose Us

  • Complete assistance We provide end-to-end assistance in choosing, growing and maintaining bonsai.
  • Professional & friendly staff Our team members entertain customers with utter kindness and advise them to the best of their knowledge.
  • Experienced industry experts We established the nursery in 1979 and have been the best in our field.
  • Wide variety Present with us is a wide collection of bonsai species for interior & exterior use.